District 2 Events:

No current events.

 Within Area 86:

Woodstock’s 36th Annual Marathon of Unity Convention

The Marathon of Unity Convention is a weekend of A.A. & Al-Anon speakers sharing their experience, strength and hope in living with the disease of alcoholism. Lots of food, fun and fellowship. New comers welcome! 5pm Friday to noon on Sunday, August 18-20th.

This is a 7th Tradition with food at cost, for more information please email or visit


For more events happening in our area, please click here to find postings found on our Area website.

Outside of Area 86:

Area 83, District 78

Madawaska Valley District 38th Annual One Day Round-Up
September 30, 2017
Registration: 12:00 Noon Admission 7th Tradition Light Lunch Available

Dinner: $20.00 per person AA & Al-Anon Speakers

For more information please contact Brenda H. by email:

Looking Ahead:

2020 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous
July 2-5, 2020 Detroit, Michigan
For more information please see here.


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